Main Cabin

Enjoy spectacular views over Malaspina Straight.

Oyster Island's main cabin features 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, an open floor plan with comfortable & contemporary living spaces.

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“You are a place that welcomes all degrees of marvelous humanity: the wild and the quiet in equal measure.  You are a place for humans to deepen in physical capacity & emotional scope. Your surrounding waters soothe & thrill the spirit” 
- J&P | 2019


Enjoy some added privacy in one of our 3 ocean view sleeping cabins.

Connected to the main cabin by beautifully landscaped trails, the "bunkies" all feature comfortable beds, stylish furniture & private exterior decks.
Bunkhouse 1
  • King Bed / Overhead Loft w. Twin
  • Private Furnished Deck
  • Ocean View
Bunkhouse 2
  • Queen Bed
  • Private Furnished Deck
  • Ocean View
Bunkhouse 3
  • Queen Bed
  • Private Furnished Deck
  • Ocean View
Note: Bunkhouses do not have ensuite bathrooms.  Each Bunkhouse has a private bathroom located in the shower house.  Guests may access the shower house via well maintained pathways ranging from 100ft to 300ft.
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"What makes a place like Oyster Island so special is the ability to feel alone but have great assistance when needed. The staff showed up at the right times, gave us our space and made everything feel so effortless. Oyster's hosts are a large part of what makes the experience so enjoyable!"
- Candice | 2020

island amenities

  • Spa inspired shower house w. 3 private bathrooms & heated floors
  • 50ft private dock
  • 2 Outdoor firepits
  • Large manicured lawn for outdoor activities
  • 400 sq. ft. helicopter pad / sunset party deck
  • Auxiliary service kitchen
  • Auxiliary accommodation for island staff
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